logoAs the noble wines tickle my palate, I feel it: I arrived at Vinum Hotel Turm in South Tyrol.
As member of the Vinum Hotels Südtirol, the hoteliers know the meaning of wine feeling.

Passion and quality with each sip. The hoteliers are winemakers, the wine cellar hosts a great variety of wines and offers sublime fulfilment moments, the wine list is a colourful mix of choices and the rarities are in perfect harmony with the house wines. The elegance of Pinot Blanc Pica, the liveliness and freshness of Sauvignon Bubo, the flavour of Gewürztraminer Tetrix and the full-bodied Pinot Noir Corax.

Here I can also find an old wine estate dating back to the XIII century, the Grottnerhof! Among the vineyards I enjoy an amazing and tasty wine discovery.